Make photographic paper of color photos with

plain paper.




#UAP in Spain 1995 Minolta Alpha Camera-Kodachrome film*

The UFO was called #Flying Saucer, but this UAP is probably
a #Flying Cup, no matter how you look at it.

At the bottom of the object, a layer of atmosphere
like a force field is formed. # UAP

The actual color of the UAP shot on Kodachrome film is unknown.
This is because older scanners do not analyze Kodachrome.

#UAP announced by the US Department of Defense
A 35mm reversal image taken more clearly and three-dimensionally?
Is it metallic and has a hollow structure in the center?
A streak pattern can be seen on the body of the object.

Obtained a higher resolution image than the UAP image announced by
the US Department of Defense. If you analyze it a little more,
you can expect new information.

The building at the UAP shooting site is in focus. UAP is the next distance, and it fits perfectly, but when expanded, is it due to Forcefield? A fog of the same type can be seen around the UAP.


My camera is $900.
Still, I will take a picture so far.
US Air Force

cameras cost $90,000.
What kind of UFO have you photographed?

Early satellites could not avoid persistent cloud cover. Similarly,

UFOs are hidden behind persistent cloud cover.
However, in daylight,

the entity can sometimes be seen through.

UFOs are difficult to see with the naked eye, but film cameras are

sensitive to the infrared region, so they can be photographed.
UFOs usually travel in the infrared region.
And you can see the body in

the magnetic force field.
In the age of film cameras, UFOs could be photographed,
Is it no longer

possible to shoot UFOs with digital cameras?
That's because digital

cameras are equipped with powerful IR cut filters.

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Thank you for {Like}. This photo is like a “coloring page”, printed from a single negative film on a multicolor photo.
Apply 4 or more pigment sensitizers on paper and repeat baking and development to complete.