遂に真実が明かされる!?バチカンが設立した組織がヤバすぎる…【都市伝説 聖母マリア 新人類 イギリス 異臭騒ぎ 予言 】






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Searching for classical photographic techniques ... There are quite a few people in Japan, and there are quite a few foreign countries in Japan. Ww Japan, which comes out with video, has no tradition of making photo prints.

explanation 1. material
A. water resistance paper...
Water resistance is a certain thing.
A flat and smooth thing.
B. sensitization agent .. It is an object for silk printing.
C. Acetic acid vinyl .. They are water-soluble adhesives.
D. YMCK paints .... They are the pigments for pictures.
E. Ultraviolet ray exposure machine ..
Ultraviolet ray light is set in the box.
F. Film .... A longtone film etc.
is used about eight sheets from one sheet.
G. Water ........ It is
H. Color tap water.filter......Kodak No.25 No.29 No.58 No.61 No.47
No.47b Fuji SC-62 BPN-53 BPN-45

This is a UAP shot with a film camera.
However, since no one has succeeded in shooting UAP yet,
is it impossible to prove? Or rather, no one has seen it?
Even in the US military, the main body has not succeeded yet,
just by shooting the shadow of UAP.

The history of science is the history of alchemy,
and the history of lies is also ww
So can't you trust it until you confirm it yourself?
Did you confirm the existence of UAP by leaving it on the film?
Well, even in the US Navy, it's only monochrome shooting,
so ww color shooting may be the first time in history?

Quiet supersonic aircraft

* Photographed experimental aircraft in Europe


"Experiment" ... Real UAP image, {UFO, UA
SNS of groups and individuals who saw P, research, etc.}
Stick it on and see the reaction.
Progress to the present …… Almost no reaction www
Is it so brainwashed by the media?


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US $ 100
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UAP is always wrapped in force field, so it is difficult to shoot w
Even with the US Navy Top Gun, even if you say "I see it almost every day",
when I look at the image, there is a lot of out-of-focus w
At the angle of the sun , The moment the main body was miraculously seen through,
I was able to shoot ww

Did the Pentagon's UAP-approved, alien search make sense? In other words,
aliens do not come to the earth, are they only monitoring with UAP probes?


"Members of the UAP Task Force are having a hard time
getting cooperation from the Air Force." ...
So far, only the U.S. Navy and the Pentagon have
acknowledged the UAP phenomenon? UAP report
from the U.S. Air Force Is there no case?