"Experiment" ... Real UAP image, {UFO, UA
SNS of groups and individuals who saw P, research, etc.}
Stick it on and see the reaction.
Progress to the present …… Almost no reaction www
Is it so brainwashed by the media?




In general, UFO photos are blurred out?
Is it because there is still no UFO photo in focus? If there is, it will be recovered by the Pentagon, right?


In the original image of UFO, it is quite small and hard to see.

Are real UFO photos unpopular with high-resolution processing?
Conversely, if you do low-resolution processing, access jumps tenfold?  Fake UFO photos are popular w  Is this the same as a UFO researcher not owning a single photo of a real UFO?

The reason why UFOs and UAPs, which are called "space junk", do not come out is that even if a photographer takes them, they are treated as "ghosts" and thrown away as "garbage".
This "UFO" was also found in the "garbage film" 25 years ago.4th Air Surveillance and Rosas Air Area (EVA 4)

Is the UFO's flight energy... a quantization of the electromagnetic field?
Can you see the translucent field at the bottom of the UFO?
You can't see it at the top. In other words, the thick field acts as anti-gravity, right?
So you think the US military is already building UFOs?
Are you running it in fighter training?


Does this UFO photo capture the world's first power field? Related to promoting UFOs?
As such, the Pentagon has classified more than 100 "UFO photographs" as top secret. And only the leaked infrared video was released www


March 25, 1971, 10:00 p.m.
4th Air Surveillance Squadron (EVA-4)
UFO sightings &
Humanoid shooting incident.

At 4:12 am on September 13, 1991, EVA-4
The commander of the guards is a glowing object in the sky above the main building of the settlement.
Observe that draws a circle.

March 1995 EVA-4 (Girona) around noon.  
UFO shot over the cathedral.




Pigment photography production is surprisingly . However, as there are many variable elements, like the normal picture, you can not always make the same thing. That's where the interest is divided. This is a photo illustration to the last. It is not computer graphics either. The ultimate goal is the original vintage print.