Modern pictures are completed with digital data on the computer.One-ness
Classical technique photography consists of an amalog camera, film, and finally on paper
Pigment photography production is surprisingly . However, as there are many variable elements, like the normal picture, you can not always make the same thing. That's where the interest is divided. This is a photo illustration to the last. It is not computer graphics either. The ultimate goal is the original vintage print.


When I shot it, I only thought about the moon in the daytime ...
However, the color development is random ... Epson scan, when enlarged ...
UFO is clear ... ww
When I search on the net again ... I can't find the same type of UFO at all ww
The fact that the United States has approved UAP means that manned UAP may have been successful, that is, it is meaningless to carry out the Artemis program, which allows it to pass through the Van Allen belt unscathed.

Landing a NASA-developed UAP on an asteroid, using gravity lessen or gyro navigation to deflect its orbit or make a soft landing on any surface? In other words, can you develop planetary resources?

UAP that can realize a planetary missile that can be guided to any point on the earth

In fact, unidentified flying objects, UAPs, etc. in books are not captured in the photographs. U.S. Navy UAP data may have been tampered with?
Is the real UAP image not coming out because the Pentagon is buying it?
If so, will this image be bought for $ 100,000? Please pay by Paypal for the transfer.


Most UFO research groups around the world may be fake. I don't even have a realistic photo of a UFO.

Is the UFO's flight energy... a quantization of the

electromagnetic field?
Can you see the translucent field at

the bottom of the UFO?
You can't see it at the top. In other

words, the thick field acts as anti-gravity, right?
So you

think the US military is already building UFOs?
Are you

running it in fighter training?


Does this UFO photo capture the world's first power field?

Related to promoting UFOs?
As such, the Pentagon has

classified more than 100 "UFO photographs" as top secret.

And only the leaked infrared video was released www