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In the 1980's, Illustration that I drawn like a photo print, with an air brush was a boom. In those days, on the contrary, thinking that buying can be done by photographs in the same way, it is a finished photography technique, thinking that it is possible to do? Www later, if you study it ... in the era without pre-war color photography, with the same photography technique , Printing was done w www

I used a technique that does not use a camera for classical technique.
Make it with black and white negative film. Coloring printing method. It is not a commercially available color print system.
Although this technique is also in the classical technique, it is called "popchrome"

Usually, you use something with shapes such as leaves and solid objects ... ...

In this time, we will supply liquid such as water directly, photographic paper,
JazzGumPIGMENT1987 006-Y-51

Mixing pigments into emulsions used in classic photography ... To mix well, add a little liquid detergent ... mix well.
Furthermore, since the pigment is less likely to be stained on the paper to be printed, there is an advantage that the development process can be shortened.

#UAP in Spain 1995 Minolta Alpha Camera-Kodachrome film*

The UFO was called #Flying Saucer, but this UAP is probably
a #Flying Cup, no matter how you look at it.

At the bottom of the object, a layer of atmosphere
like a force field is formed. # UAP

The actual color of the UAP shot on Kodachrome film is unknown.
This is because older scanners do not analyze Kodachrome.

#UAP announced by the US Department of Defense
A 35mm reversal image taken more clearly and three-dimensionally?
Is it metallic and has a hollow structure in the center?
A streak pattern can be seen on the body of the object.

Obtained a higher resolution image than the UAP image announced by
the US Department of Defense. If you analyze it a little more,
you can expect new information.

The building at the UAP shooting site is in focus. UAP is the next distance, and it fits perfectly, but when expanded, is it due to Forcefield? A fog of the same type can be seen around the UAP.


Vintage photos are mostly monochrome, with very few color prints.

In the case of color, it will be faded after 30 years. Therefore,

I made organic pigments as color formers. Moreover, the dot type will be the world's first.


“External ELF magnetic fields induce electric fields and currents in the body, but their strength is very high.
High to cause nerve and muscle stimulation and central nervous system excitability changes. "In other words, when the signal gets stronger ... the investor mind is stimulated."